Under The Same Flag, We Are One
Oh my gosh!


So I just looked at some of the sims 4 CC that people have been posting here - and its so nice!!!


I can’t wait to get my game!

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Default-Replacement TS4 T-shirt mini-set! They replace the last two remaining wolf logos. 
I hope you guys like them!
Download Here!

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That bra is so cute!!

And don’t forget, keep checking back for new patches!
Want to know about the most recent updates to The Sims 4? Keep checking back for the latest patch notes! Studio text from email.Severe Issues / Crashes:
Fixed a crash in Build Mode by preventing the game from thinking fences were rooms.
Fixed a crash in Create A Sim that could occur after the you lock and unlock your computer.
Bug Fixes / Issues:
Fixed an issue with “Shine on Men’s Suit”, “Glitter and Abs”, “Big Hat of Shame”, “Star-Spangled Glasses” and the “Tiki Bar”, not remembering their unlocked state upon reload.
Fixed several issues with Sims attempting to go on dates with the Reaper, resulting in non-responsive game states.The Reaper still loves ya baby, he is just too busy to go on a date with every lovelorn Sim that vies for his attention.
Fixed several issues where babies were incorrectly hibernating within household inventories resulting in several issues:
You can now exit Build Mode when not on your home lot if a baby was incorrectly left in the home lot inventory.
Game no longer hangs if you attempt to split a household with a baby on the lot and in the household inventory.
Splitting and merging households no longer results in unplayable households due to babies being left in household inventories.
Babies are no longer left locked in the household inventory if all the other Sims in the household die.
Babies no longer multiply if left in the Household Inventory while editing the lot via Manage Worlds.

Fixed an issue where Gallery households that have been merged with another household were preventing Live Mode from loading.
Adding a new Sim to a played household via Create A Sim by going from Manage Worlds will now allow you to modify their face and body.
Lots with scaled objects (via the shift + [,] cheat) that are shared to the Gallery will now remember their enlarged state for others to enjoy.
Gallery Issues:
Fixed an issue where the game would become non-responsive when attempting to save a lot to the your library.
Source:  help.ea.com  Thanks enjoji :)
Honeywell’s Sims 4 News

good job, lucy


I’m worried about Gray.

Yes, he looks so damn cool, but he reminded me the little Gray who wants to avenge Deliora. He was robotic.

I don’t know if we’ll see him next chapters, considering it’s Erza’s time to shine, but I hope things get better.

Because both Juvia and Gray is hurting.

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im literally playing pokemon and drinking an espresso martini in a bar right now what is my life

ideal that’s what your life is